Wednesday, July 22, 2009

88 Keys Does it AGAIN!

I've always liked the song "Friend Zone". Now, the video is out and i love it. It's kind of simple, but in a cool type way. You should download it, if you haven't already.

Madonna's New Louis Vuitton Ad

"Mr. Breathless" (i know, scary right?) has leaked the new Louis Vuitton Ad for 2009/2010. The ad features no other than Madonna shorrd. She looks kinda weird... but in a maddhott good way. She's like 50 years old and still looks great. I love Madonna. Imma book her.

These Wolverine

So... I noticed all of a sudden these themed sneakers are coming out. These are Wolverine Nike's. They're cool for real: I'd wear them.
BUT LISTEN!: before you go trying to buy them, make sure you're swagg (i hate that word) is sickk enough. If it's not, you'll look like a dumbass. haha

Mr Hudsonn!

So these songs are madd hott for real. Download em. One is called Anyone But Him by Mr. Hudson and Kanye.
The next is another by Mr. Hudson and Kanye called Supernova.
Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEASE IS Everything is Broken by Mr. Hudson and... Scott Mescudi!!!!!
I'm tellin you people, dont sleep on Mr. Hudson. This dude is kilaaaa.

I Kno, I'm Late.

I've been slacking but I love it!
Especially the balloons!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spike Lee Blazers

So... I love Blazers, and these Spike Lee Blazers are maddhott. Even though they are simply simple, sometimes you need something plain. I like em, and you probably do too. lol

Three Words...


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fred or Dino


I Spot Scott!

First I noticed him in the Black Eyed Pea's Video
Then these videos. HAHA. from ibn jasper on Vimeo.

Yooooo, I Love Emma Watson =D

Being a Harry Potter fan, I already saw Hermione- i mean Emma - as badd. In this photo shoot for Teen Vogue, she proved her badness. Its maddhott.

I'm soooo Behind!

But I AM back, and I have some stuff that I was waiting to post.

lets ge-ge-get it!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Well i told you how i wasn't gonna take any more breaks right? Well this time its really not my fault. Mi madre BANNED ME FROM HER COMPUTER! Thats right: took the password and all. But have no fear! I have a strong feeling i'm gonna be back online before friday... So we'll see what it is. Grr.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Now, I said I wouldn't blog about Michael Jackson but...

I just found this wayy too interesting!

So, i was googling stuff on Michael Jackson and I ran across this article. The article was soooo creepy yo, it was crazy. It said that Michael actually DIED 20 SOMETHING YEARS AGO!

Right!! I mean, its really petty to say that, but it might be true. The stuff they said does make sense. The new Michael did look a lot different from the old one... I just don't know.

I think its madd petty for them to say that though, and now, he really is dead. But don't get me wrong: I have madd respect for Michael Jackson ane everything he did, but here's the picture from the site (

Oh, and another thing: Tila Tequila should be ashamed of herself! The day before MJ died, she was talkin all this gibber jabber sayin that she smashed him because she thought he was a hott girl and all of that petty stuff. She was madd disrespectful, and now he passed. So she should feel bad. haha.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Herooo Yo!

yo, he reminds me so much of myself. haha
he's maddcool....

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kinda Like a Big Deal - Clipse ft Yeezy

Ahhhh! I love this song yo, and the video is here! I was waiting for this to happen.
Check it out shorrdy.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Person of The Week: Lexi!

Ah.... Lexi, Lexi, Lexi. It truly is amazing how amazing this shorrd is. I met here like... 2 months ago? and she's ont of the coolest people I have ever met. It really feels like we've known eachother for AGES. We know so much about eachother, its crazy. And most of all: we both have madd respect for eachother.

But what makes Lexi so great is that she is her own person - her own species, you can say. I've never met anyone like her and its funny because the first time I talked to her, I thought I was gonna hate her and never talk to her again. Anyway, I talk to her a lot and she's cool. I have so much rap for her yo, it's crazy. And her family? Ahhh, they're almost as amazing as her. There's Gramm Camm, the love of my life (sorta kinda), who loves to humm and be cool. Then there's jo-jo, my soon to be friend. She's coolio tooo!

The thing about Lexi is sdgaf, and if she does, she's not gonna let you know. She shows me that not everyone is important and that sometimes you have to let ppl go (even though I don't really do it). But yeah... Uh... idk what else to say except I love you lor yurrp. =D

it never fails!

So, as I told you before: I AM A MUSICAL MASTERMIND! When I hear a song that I like, its bound to become a hit and "Wonderland" by Chinkie Brown is no exception.

I was really blown when I saw the video on 106&park, which I don't care too much for. I was mainly dissapointed because I remember when earlier this year I asked Chinkie Brown to be featured on my blogg. However, after she agreed she failed to respond to my questions I sent her, but I don't trip.

I still think "Wonderland" is a great song. =D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goinn At Nicki? Are You crazy!?

I'm soooo disappointed in these chicks yo. I had mad rap for them, real talk, but now, I think they may have a mental condition...

#1: Rye Rye
Now, although she didn't go at Nicki go at Nicki, she still went at Nicki. You feel me? She said that Nicki Minaj was like Foxy and Kim.... Nah, Nicki Minaj is more than that. Real talk, she's lyrically inclined and kills on the mic. She just happens to look and sound maddgood doin it. So what? Blah... here's the video...

#2: Rece Steele
So, Rece is from Miss Rap Supreme. I'd heard about her before, but not that much. The thing about this chick is that she DELIBERATELY went at Nicki Minaj. Come on now... You should know better than that. IDK what happened between the two, and I don't care. I just don't like for my shorrdy to be mistreated. =D she a badd bitch.

#3: Random Raspy shorty
Then there's this random chick. She needs a cough drop, but start listenin at 2 min. =D
#4: Some old bitch.
Her name is Forever or something. She's too old. Shorty said Nicki garbage'. lmfaoo. Chill. Shorrty hatin. Never heard of her for real. blahhh. Start listening at 1:35

Friday, June 19, 2009

Wale Does it AGAIN!

Wale's new mixtape, Back to the Feature just dropped today, and I must sayy it is pretty dapper. lol. but really, the mixtape is maddhott for real. I had high expectations being that it's Wale's, and the mixtape exceeded my expectations.

Another thing that makes the mixtape dumb hott is the people featured on it! Of course, everyone has the same cliche artists like Weezy, Ye, and other mainstream artists. But Wale has "different" people on this mixtape. You got your rappers like Kingpin Slim, Talib, and Freeway.

BUT THEN you have the "different people" like Yael Naim, Jean Grae, and K'Naan: all hot artists! Ahh, its just soo great. =D lol

So download it shorrd. and love it

Morgy, morgy, morgyyyyy. Tisk, Tisk, Tisk

As you may know, the weirdologist Morgan Freeman allegedly had an affair with his step-granddaughter. Even though its his STEP grandkid, its still pretty gross and I'm pretty sure it's against the bible...
But anyway, Freeman is WAYY too old to be having affairs with little kids, especially when lor shorrd was 17 years old. Right. He's been messing with her for about 10 years (so they say) and she's 27 now. It's just really gross thinking about it...
Freeman should be ashamed of himself, really. So what: his wife was old and dry? Who cares? Well... then again.
Whatever, idc. It's his life. He can do whatever he wants... He's just madd nasty.

Shaun White Oakleyyys

So... you know Shaun White has a deal wit Oaklley right...?

So when I saw these, I realized that it was a good idea. They're madd hott for real.

But then I saw these, which are wayy cooler shorrd. I'd rather have these. =D

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Soo.... flannel's the shit.

Therefore, this button up by 10 deep is a must have. It's kinda weird and busy but... I could pull it off. Madd hot, and only $72. Haha

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Wanna Go To Africa

BLahhhhh. This must be a music day for me. I wanted to tell ppl about this song by K'Naan. You probably already heard it, cuhz its a little old, but its called T.I.A. (This is Africa). It's madd hott for real and makes me wanna go to Africa and chill...

K'NAAN "T.I.A" music video directed by: NABIL from nabil elderkin on Vimeo.

I love this videoooo

This song is hott and the video is hottER. I mean, It's nothing too big, but Hot Gossip did a good Job with it. She song is called "Everybody Else" and the video is cooliooo. Check it out!!!

hot gossip "everybody else" from gigano45 on Vimeo.

This Song is Madd Hot Yo...

... and I'm not sayin that because it's from Kid cudi....
It's called Excuse My Mood: Listen to it, and love it.


Im back! Lol.
So I decided to take a little break from blogging and the whole internet scene until school was out. I wanted to show that I have self-control and don't need these things... but now, it's over!
You've missed me right? I kno, I kno. lol

But no worries. Like I said, I'm back, better than ever. Now I have wayy more time, so that means wayy more content. Uhm... what else?
Oh yeah, I decided that I'm not gonna take anymore long term breaks or nothin like that...
Well, IDK what else to say really except life is great and I'm loving it... I see so much potential in myself and it's great. I've started doin photography and all of that stuff and this summer is gonna be my time to shine, in the o9.
lol. sike nah, im tweakin.
but keep lookin at the blogg and all of
that. i appreciate all of you. oh, and follow me on twit twit!
- Mello Mane la Flare.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Khloe Kardashian!!!!

Khloe Kardashian! She's really cool and fly and looks madgood. It kinda frustrated me when she showed her low level of confidence on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She had this crazy idea that she was some huge manly beast, but she's definitely not. So I decided to blog about Khloe. =D

Oh, and Mendo's homegirl, Chelsea Lately, decided to make a few jokes about Khloe and the rest of her family. Lmfao

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That Wadderwiddidough

Some Cool New People
These are some new friends I have acquired. These ppl are maddcool for real and I'm glad that I've met them. They all be shakin their tittys like milk while they drink wadderwiddidough. First is Lexi who is cool as ever. Even though she can be rude at times, its a cool kinda rude. She keeps shit 100 and doesnt bite her tongue. I guess she would since she is, after all, a 52 year old man. We stay geekin for real and throw hella packs. And her Grandma is the best. =D Then theres Mendo who is madcool as well. He can be rude too, but he's funny as shit. Although he's mexican, he doesnt steal and he goes to school, which is always a good thing. I'm gonna go visit him and Lexi in Florida after they move. Next is Tavi aka Grump. Grump is kinda deceiving though, because she isn't really that grumpy. However, she is rude. But she madflyy and cool. She's the main one who be shakin her tittys like milk but its all good. Then theres Elayne, the runt of the litter. People say she's thirsty, but I don't think she's that thirsty. she's really cool though and like mexican food like rice and noodles. Oh, and she has a crush on some gay dude... But thats it. They are super ko-wa-ee.

3 Words: I Love It

I'm soooo glad Scott put out another mixtape. Now I have more songs to listen to when I see him on tour. Haha. But the mixtape, of course, is killa. So if you haven't copped it, do that ASAP.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whoa: We Were Really Bored.... lmfao

Yooo. Mello and Tum Tum mad boredd for real.
Made some videos. We're just JOKING, so chill out.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cool Couple: Santi and Trouble

Even though Trouble has a super long face, these two are madcool together. They both make bomb music and are different. Guess thats what they have in common.
Santogold and Trouble Andrew

Mixtape Moment: Jacques Jams Vol 1: Endurance

If you have not downloaded this Mixtape yet, you are really slackin! Jacques Jams Vol 1: Endurance by Chester French has gotten my seal of approval. At frist I thought these guys were gonna be same lame, poser type people but I was too quick too judge.
The mixtape tells an interesting story that I won't tell you about. Just download it and find out what it's all about. And the thing is, it has soooooo many people on it. Solange, Wale, Cassie, Mickey Factz, Janelle Monae, and Commin are only a few of the many people on the mixtape. Although Kid Cudi is not on it, the mixtape is still hot. So download download download!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Scott does it again

The song is called I Poke Her Face and it's by Scott Mescudi, Common, and Kanye.
The song is madddope for real, and I've listened to it a bazillion and one times.
Listen and love it...

I Love This SHOW!!!

Taking the Stage! You've probably heard of it, and if you haven't you should hear about it. The show is really cool and it's about some talented kids at a talented school. They dance and rap and sing and stuff like that, but they're kids. It's weird that Nick Leche (hope i spelled it right) made the show.... But yeah, its cool

Melloz BACK!!!!!

i really need to stop with these random breaks. lol
but im back, for good.... but guess what!!!
I have realized that I'm not really happy with my life. I've done a lot of thinking lately and I've decided that I'm definitely gonna change that. Life is too short for me to be wasting time on things that I really don't want to do. Different things have made me realize that life can change at any time and even though it sounds cliche, I have to live every day like its my last. So from now on, I'm gonna do me. I'll still do good in school and all of that, but I'm gonna take my interests in mind when choosing what I want to do. That means I'm gonna pursue my music, film, and photography career. Basically, I'm gonna do all the things I want to do so at the end of EVERY day, I can say I had a good day. Haha

Thursday, March 26, 2009

These Are Madhott Sonn

their weird, but I would wear them...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bomb Song

Wale and Lady Gaga - Chillen
Who would have thought that these two would have a song together. But the song is bomb for real. Check it outtttttttt!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Phillip Hartley

"Phillip Hartley is a Hero sent to save Hirog City from its many dangers..."

Phillip Hartley.

My brother, Brandon Kanion, is an upcoming artist going by the name as Phillip Hartley. His music is different, but a cool different. It's like a mix of r&b, rock, alternative, and other genres too. Really, the music is bomb and you should check it out.

Brandon also has a clothing line called Kamaristar, which kinda goes hand in hand with his music career. Basically, he's doing this spacy, constellation type thing, which is a really cool idea. I've heard his CD myself and I, personally, thought it was cool It wasn't like the average CD. It wa a mixture between a hot music album and a soundtrack to a Broadway show.

But I really think Brandon has a lot of potential and is gonna go far in life. So, in order to help him get there, you can support him. The myspace page is .

My Favorite Rapper is Back

So, as you may already know, Kid Cudi is not retiring anymore. Recently, Kid Cudi and Consequence ( who i first heard on a kanye west mixtape) have made a song together and its called Buggin Out. Even though I didn't really like the song at first, it grew on my. Kid Cudi's verse was, of course, madcool. The video is cool in general and here it is.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Sooooooooooo I found out that my favorite rapper, Scott Mescudi, is giving up rapping! Ikr... When Santana told me I thought it was a joke, but I've seen the proof. On Scott's blog (, he talks about how he isnt making any more solo albums after his LP which comes out this summer. How are you gonna retire and your first album hasn't even come out yet?

His reason?


Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? That is sooooo stupid. I don't even know what to say about this. And then he said


I call it quitting. It's madwhackk and it seems like he's giving up. If he has a solid fan base, why would he bitch them and just dip out and not make anything else. The good thing is, he said he would still work on his acting career and he is still going to have a tour, with just him, where he will perform his whole mixtape.... But yeah, this was the news that ruined my day yo. Its madwhackk.