Friday, June 26, 2009

Now, I said I wouldn't blog about Michael Jackson but...

I just found this wayy too interesting!

So, i was googling stuff on Michael Jackson and I ran across this article. The article was soooo creepy yo, it was crazy. It said that Michael actually DIED 20 SOMETHING YEARS AGO!

Right!! I mean, its really petty to say that, but it might be true. The stuff they said does make sense. The new Michael did look a lot different from the old one... I just don't know.

I think its madd petty for them to say that though, and now, he really is dead. But don't get me wrong: I have madd respect for Michael Jackson ane everything he did, but here's the picture from the site (

Oh, and another thing: Tila Tequila should be ashamed of herself! The day before MJ died, she was talkin all this gibber jabber sayin that she smashed him because she thought he was a hott girl and all of that petty stuff. She was madd disrespectful, and now he passed. So she should feel bad. haha.

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neish! said...

mello that picture is super fake -_- u just made me unhappy. i love you i do but geez dont believe the hype man! not u mello not u sheesh =/