Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Katy & Travis...


So, these two have been going together for a while, but I didn't find out until about... a month ago.

Both of them are MADDIFFERENT, which is why they make a cool couple.

Their uniqueness clashes and makes them a unique but cool couple.

As Brooklyn would say, theyre a bomb ass couple. lol

Monday, December 29, 2008

People In Baltimore Don't Know HOW to Act...

So, I live in Baltimore, and sometimes I can't wait to move. Even though its fun to live here, I still want something better outta life, you feel me?

But this is a video which emphasizes my point: Baltimore people don't know HOW to act. Now not all Baltimore people, but a lot of them...

The video is MADFUNNY and all, but its embarrassing.

Shiloh Pepin: Mermaid Girl

So I was watching TLC and I found out about this little girl Shiloh Pepin. She was born with what is called "Mermaid Syndrome" and has only one leg. On the show, her parents contemplated on whether or not to give this 8 year old surgery and make her have 2 legs...
Shiloh didn't want to get her legs separated because, like any 8 year old, she was afraid. Her parents let her make the decision to not separate her legs.

I just want to applaud Shiloh, who is a very brave and courageous little girl. Despite the fact that she was born with one leg and has to go through A LOT more than other people do, she is still smiling and continues to move forward. Also, she is very intellectual, and speaks in a mature tone.

I also want to give recognition to her parents, who were faced with a lot of hard decisions. I'm glad they actually decided to try dialysis to keep her alive. the dialysis paid off, and Shiloh is still living now.

Here is a video of Shiloh and only a piece of her life...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

LOL, I Call BS

So, Soulja Boy made a video apologizing to parents for cussing and being a negative influence on his "large fanbase of kids who look up to him".

I call bull, but we'll see what happens. In the mean time, look at this. LMFAO

Brniq & Brooklyn love Chromeo

So, I have been listening to Chromeo for... who knows how long. But its been YEARS. lol .Last month, I saw Chromeo on MTV (the TV stations that exposes some of my favorite artists) and it really upset me, but I don't think people really paid attention (thank God).

The conversations above were about Chromeo, and how cool they are. lol. Im sure that Brniq & Brooklyn would agree that Fancy Footwork & She's In Control were 2 albums that KILLED.

P-Thugg and Dave 1 create a unique blend of music, which I consider electronic and R&B, put in one. They are from Montreal (kinda weird?). Oh, and Recently, theyve come out with another album called FANCIER Footwork and its killa. LOL

And another thing, I really want a Chromeo T-Shirt, so somebody can hook me upp with that.

Theyre Just.... Live

So, earlier this year, I found out about this group called Just.Live, comprised of two artists, Beeph and Rock & Roll. Recently, they have agreed to answer a few of my questions, and I was actually surprised to see the level of individuality found in the group...

Just.Live is a mixture of all different music genres from all different coasts. They create a new, different sound called "Hip-Pop". It's funny because the only way I can really explain them is by using the word different. They say the hardest thing about being a new, upcoming group is that "everybody and they momma rap" lol. I definitely agree. It discourages me sometimes, but Imma keep doin me.

Along with their musical individuality, their style is not of the status-quo. Beeph and Rock & Roll's clothing choice is out of this world, but is pretty cool. Rock & Roll's hair is in a fade, but the top is dreaded. Even though it may seem weird, it fits the group's style and seems like the ideal haircut.

The first song I heard by the group was called "Im Phresh" which was really cool, but I have recently heard the song "So Ghetto". The video is below and you can buy some of their songs on iTunes.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bush Attacked By Angry Shoe Launcher...

So, if you haven't heard, recently our current president, President Bush, was attacked with shoes in Baghdad. Some reporter guy, Muntadar al-Zeidi, decided he wanted to be cool and toss his size 10, furred shoes at the president...

Ok, so, lets get this straight. Although I highly dislike the president and think he screwed this country over... I think the reporter was definitely wrong when he threw the shoe.

I mean, come on now... He is NOT 7 years old, he's 20. I'm 16, and I realize how childish and dumb that was. A grown man, throwing a shoe? WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS!? Come on America; even if you don't like the president... he is a representation of our country and for someone to launch a shoe at him shows how much they respect our country. Okay, Bush made a huge mistake in invading the middle eastern countries and tryna take over stuff, but so what. That man was just being a clown, throwing a shoe. He didn't try to SHOOT the president... he didn't try to STAB the president... he didn't even try to SPIT ON the president! But instead, he threw his cheap little shoe at the president, and MISSED. This man is truly an idiot.

And THEN, the people in Iraq are running around with shoes and signs, protesting American invasion and the President. (picture by Karim Kadim)

Smh. Even though I agree with them, and their views on American invasion, I have to point out their grammatical and spelling errors. If you're going to hold up signs, expecting people to take you seriously, please learn to spell words like "want" and don't forget another period after the a...

So, really, that's it. The video is below, if you wanna see it. This one is mad funny because of sound effects and the fact that it is not in English. lol. Enjoy...

Friday, December 12, 2008

A "Gifted" Track

Okay, so if you remember, I am a musical trendsetter.

This track right here is madhot for real. It mixes the styles of people you would have never thought would be on a track together, N.A.S.A., Kanye West, Santogold, and Lykke Li.

The song is called gifted; and you have to admit, the artists on this track are definitely just that. Everybody was tryna say Ye was fallin off with his new CD, and that he lost his touch... Well this song ends that thought. It shows that although he switched his style up a little, hes still a talented artist.

Although I haven't really heard a lot from N.A.S.A., Santogold and Lykke Li have both been on my ipod since.... who knows when. It kinda upset me when Santogold went mainstream with her album, but I got over it. And Lykke Li's "Let it Fall" was madflyy. LOL. It was a little different, but its all good.

So there you have it, some of the greatest musicians on a really great track...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

TAT 2'd

Soooooooo, I have a tattoo. I got it on August 31st, but I added on to it on October 9th.

Its a music staff with my name. Under it, it says "music is life". lol. Then there are little music notes.

PEOPLE, WHEN U GET A TATTOO! make sure it is of something very important to you, and that you really want it, or else, youll regret it...

The crazy thing is, I got the tat without my mother knowing. She was kinda mad when she found ut, but I guess she understood how important it was to me.

ANOTHER THING! if u only want "one" tattoo, dont get any.... Because they are mad addictive. Somebody told me, but I didn't believe them, but its true.