Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Im back! Lol.
So I decided to take a little break from blogging and the whole internet scene until school was out. I wanted to show that I have self-control and don't need these things... but now, it's over!
You've missed me right? I kno, I kno. lol

But no worries. Like I said, I'm back, better than ever. Now I have wayy more time, so that means wayy more content. Uhm... what else?
Oh yeah, I decided that I'm not gonna take anymore long term breaks or nothin like that...
Well, IDK what else to say really except life is great and I'm loving it... I see so much potential in myself and it's great. I've started doin photography and all of that stuff and this summer is gonna be my time to shine, in the o9.
lol. sike nah, im tweakin.
but keep lookin at the blogg and all of
that. i appreciate all of you. oh, and follow me on twit twit!

- Mello Mane la Flare.

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Jay...Squared! said...

bout time u came back!!