Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That Wadderwiddidough

Some Cool New People
These are some new friends I have acquired. These ppl are maddcool for real and I'm glad that I've met them. They all be shakin their tittys like milk while they drink wadderwiddidough. First is Lexi who is cool as ever. Even though she can be rude at times, its a cool kinda rude. She keeps shit 100 and doesnt bite her tongue. I guess she would since she is, after all, a 52 year old man. We stay geekin for real and throw hella packs. And her Grandma is the best. =D Then theres Mendo who is madcool as well. He can be rude too, but he's funny as shit. Although he's mexican, he doesnt steal and he goes to school, which is always a good thing. I'm gonna go visit him and Lexi in Florida after they move. Next is Tavi aka Grump. Grump is kinda deceiving though, because she isn't really that grumpy. However, she is rude. But she madflyy and cool. She's the main one who be shakin her tittys like milk but its all good. Then theres Elayne, the runt of the litter. People say she's thirsty, but I don't think she's that thirsty. she's really cool though and like mexican food like rice and noodles. Oh, and she has a crush on some gay dude... But thats it. They are super ko-wa-ee.

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