Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baldwin Hills Season 3!

Yupp, thats right. Baldwin Hills Season 3 started today and it's been on for about 20 minutes. Although it might seem boring or stupid or whatever, it's actually a bomb show. It makes me wanna live in LA even more. It makes me wanna leave Baltimore even MORE MORE. lol This show just shows how life outside of Baltimore and the east coast is.

Oh, and remember Moesha's step-mother, Dee (Shery Lee Ralph)? Well her son is on the show. His name is Etienne, and he was begging to go to a party on the first episode.

It was like madweird because they made some dumb deal. He could go to this party but only if he agreed to be punished for the next two months. WTF type stuff is that?! That is crazy! A party in exchange for 2 months of punishment? Dee is like madstrict. lol

But she still seems like a cool mother for real...

Oh, and I really wanna live in LA now and chill with the cast of Baldwin Hills. When I visited there, it was madcool. We went to a "kickback" lol and chilled at this little bonfire thingy. And nobody was fighting or anything like that. OH YEAH! AND I went to the mall in Baldwin hills which was madcrappy and dirty. They didn't have any cool stores in there and it was immigrants EVERYWHERE. lmfao.

But the show is cool or whatever, so be sure to watch it! Plus, Seiko is on there. lol

Sunday, January 25, 2009

uh... I don't think you realize ur old as dirt.

Ok, you're really makin me mad Jamie. If no one has told you, YOU ARE OLD AS HELL!

Therefore, you can't be takin nasty pictures and puttin them all out on the Internet on google and all that. It's just not cool! You are like 402 years old... that's too old too be rappin about goinn to the clubb pullin broads and all that. You are too old to be rapping about alcohol and all that kinda stuff. It's just gross and sick. Give it up! Retire old man! Or stick to movies!

wouldn't it be cool to live here???

This neighborhood makes me want to be a kidd again. haha

Its like madcool, like a playhouse


The day I have feared since the beginning of 2008 when only "Day-N-Night" was on iTunes is swiftly approaching: the day Kid Cudi becomes famous...

It's really blowin me because I kno all of these random clown people will go around singin the songs and stuff, thinking theyre new when actually they have been out since forever! When everybody was claiming Weezy, Gucci, and all of them as their favorite rappers I was sayinn Kid Cudi was mine. lol. I knew the day was gonna come as soon as I heard Kid Cudi, but I KNEW he was gonna become mainstream when I saw that he was featured on Kanye West's new album. I blame Kanye West!

I mean, I'm happy for Scott Mescudi and all but I don't want him to become mainstream. He even has a music video now which I HOPE AND PRAY IS NOT ON MTV... MTV is the root to all evil when it comes to making artists become famous.

But yeah, thats the end of my rant really. Just remember, when you hear about Kid Cudi, I heard about him first. haha.

stop and give me PAULA!

Ok, so if you didn't know, Paula Abdul had a major stalker, Paula Goodspeed. As a contestant on American Idol, she didn't seem SOOOO infatuated with Paula at first, until she talked about how she loved to draw her...

I just thought the chick was kinda weird...

But weird is an understatement! In November, Paula (Goodspeed that is) was found dead in her car do to overdose. The weird thing is, she was found outside of Paula's house with pictures of Paula in her car... creepy right? But to add on to that, stalker Paula had sent famous Paula flowers the day before. I guess she really loved Paula.... whoa.

Here's Her Audition Tape
and this is really mean!!!

The season before, contestant Paul Manturano MADE a stalker SONG ABOUT Paula. WTF... These people really love them some Paula. And its funny how they have her name. Paul... Paula... Paula.... PAUL! Its weird...

Oh, and on this season of American Idol, when this guy said something like "be careful in whatever you do", Paula freaked out! I guess she had her fair share of stalkers. lls. She was like "what? is that a threat? that sounds like a threat. you don't say that to people. really" lol

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, i want one of these really bad!

It's like a ... baby deer thingy, idk.

But I just know I want it...

these are madweird. lol

look at these shoes/pants. madcool. haha

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

N.A.S.A. strikes again

Aredd, so i was gonna go to sleep and wait until Thursday to blog but I couldnt resist.
This is another song by N.A.S.A. but its featuring Spank Rock, MIA, Nick Zimmer, and
again Santogold. This song is called Watcha Doinn and its killah for real so check it out.

And I'm really startin to like N.A.S.A... They tuff

Saturday, January 17, 2009

mello has been slackin'... my fault

Aredd, so as you probably have noticed, I havent made a post in mad long. Since january 1 i think...

The thing is, i have been MADBUSY lately. My life has been mad dynamic, and is still changing. Real talk, ive been goin through so much shit since 09 has started and its really blowin me. Of course i have to deal with the normal stuff like keepin my grades up, looking at colleges, taking the SATs, gettn a job license, after school activities, girls, friends, and ALL the other stuff that comes with being a kid in America who wants something in life...

But ON TOP OF ALL that ive recently had to deam with some deaths in my family, making life even harder to cope with. Missing school for funerals has made school a lot harder and given me a huge workload... Therefore I havnent really had any time for anything extra lately, including making music, chillen wit friends, blogging, or even sleeping. I'm actually blogging on my phone right now. LOL

So I'm saying all of this to say, I havent dropped off the face of the earth or forgotten about my friends or readers or w/e. And to my friends who read this, I'm sorry i havent been active in our friendship lately but hopefully you'll understand why. Butbim working it out and I'll be back in no time... And to anyone I've been mean too, my fault. Haha. Aredd yo.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your Eggo is Prego

Yupp ppls, her Eggo is Preggo... 31 year old M.I.A. is pregnant
But the thing is, she's still performing!!!! On stage, singin and
what not with an embryo in her stomach.... lol

Pete & Ashlee!!!
Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson already had their baby, Bronx.
That baby's name is hella ghetto. lol

Bristol Palin!!!
Haha, even though I highly dislike her mother, I wanted
to put little Bristol on here.... Everyone already knows
her eggo is preggo, I still put her on here. Her baby's
name is Tripp. What is with these babies and ghetto
names? lol.

Mariah Carey!!!
No matter how weird it might sound, her eggo may be preggo
and by Nick Cannon of course... On Elen, when she asked to
toast to "NOT BEING PREGNANT" she started giggling
and chuckling and acted like she was sipping.....
sounds kinda fishy....