Saturday, June 20, 2009

Goinn At Nicki? Are You crazy!?

I'm soooo disappointed in these chicks yo. I had mad rap for them, real talk, but now, I think they may have a mental condition...

#1: Rye Rye
Now, although she didn't go at Nicki go at Nicki, she still went at Nicki. You feel me? She said that Nicki Minaj was like Foxy and Kim.... Nah, Nicki Minaj is more than that. Real talk, she's lyrically inclined and kills on the mic. She just happens to look and sound maddgood doin it. So what? Blah... here's the video...

#2: Rece Steele
So, Rece is from Miss Rap Supreme. I'd heard about her before, but not that much. The thing about this chick is that she DELIBERATELY went at Nicki Minaj. Come on now... You should know better than that. IDK what happened between the two, and I don't care. I just don't like for my shorrdy to be mistreated. =D she a badd bitch.

#3: Random Raspy shorty
Then there's this random chick. She needs a cough drop, but start listenin at 2 min. =D
#4: Some old bitch.
Her name is Forever or something. She's too old. Shorty said Nicki garbage'. lmfaoo. Chill. Shorrty hatin. Never heard of her for real. blahhh. Start listening at 1:35

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