Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Person of The Week: Lexi!

Ah.... Lexi, Lexi, Lexi. It truly is amazing how amazing this shorrd is. I met here like... 2 months ago? and she's ont of the coolest people I have ever met. It really feels like we've known eachother for AGES. We know so much about eachother, its crazy. And most of all: we both have madd respect for eachother.

But what makes Lexi so great is that she is her own person - her own species, you can say. I've never met anyone like her and its funny because the first time I talked to her, I thought I was gonna hate her and never talk to her again. Anyway, I talk to her a lot and she's cool. I have so much rap for her yo, it's crazy. And her family? Ahhh, they're almost as amazing as her. There's Gramm Camm, the love of my life (sorta kinda), who loves to humm and be cool. Then there's jo-jo, my soon to be friend. She's coolio tooo!

The thing about Lexi is sdgaf, and if she does, she's not gonna let you know. She shows me that not everyone is important and that sometimes you have to let ppl go (even though I don't really do it). But yeah... Uh... idk what else to say except I love you lor yurrp. =D

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