Friday, June 19, 2009

Wale Does it AGAIN!

Wale's new mixtape, Back to the Feature just dropped today, and I must sayy it is pretty dapper. lol. but really, the mixtape is maddhott for real. I had high expectations being that it's Wale's, and the mixtape exceeded my expectations.

Another thing that makes the mixtape dumb hott is the people featured on it! Of course, everyone has the same cliche artists like Weezy, Ye, and other mainstream artists. But Wale has "different" people on this mixtape. You got your rappers like Kingpin Slim, Talib, and Freeway.

BUT THEN you have the "different people" like Yael Naim, Jean Grae, and K'Naan: all hot artists! Ahh, its just soo great. =D lol

So download it shorrd. and love it

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