Wednesday, July 22, 2009

88 Keys Does it AGAIN!

I've always liked the song "Friend Zone". Now, the video is out and i love it. It's kind of simple, but in a cool type way. You should download it, if you haven't already.

Madonna's New Louis Vuitton Ad

"Mr. Breathless" (i know, scary right?) has leaked the new Louis Vuitton Ad for 2009/2010. The ad features no other than Madonna shorrd. She looks kinda weird... but in a maddhott good way. She's like 50 years old and still looks great. I love Madonna. Imma book her.

These Wolverine

So... I noticed all of a sudden these themed sneakers are coming out. These are Wolverine Nike's. They're cool for real: I'd wear them.
BUT LISTEN!: before you go trying to buy them, make sure you're swagg (i hate that word) is sickk enough. If it's not, you'll look like a dumbass. haha

Mr Hudsonn!

So these songs are madd hott for real. Download em. One is called Anyone But Him by Mr. Hudson and Kanye.
The next is another by Mr. Hudson and Kanye called Supernova.
Last but DEFINITELY NOT LEASE IS Everything is Broken by Mr. Hudson and... Scott Mescudi!!!!!
I'm tellin you people, dont sleep on Mr. Hudson. This dude is kilaaaa.

I Kno, I'm Late.

I've been slacking but I love it!
Especially the balloons!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spike Lee Blazers

So... I love Blazers, and these Spike Lee Blazers are maddhott. Even though they are simply simple, sometimes you need something plain. I like em, and you probably do too. lol

Three Words...