Saturday, March 21, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Phillip Hartley

"Phillip Hartley is a Hero sent to save Hirog City from its many dangers..."

Phillip Hartley.

My brother, Brandon Kanion, is an upcoming artist going by the name as Phillip Hartley. His music is different, but a cool different. It's like a mix of r&b, rock, alternative, and other genres too. Really, the music is bomb and you should check it out.

Brandon also has a clothing line called Kamaristar, which kinda goes hand in hand with his music career. Basically, he's doing this spacy, constellation type thing, which is a really cool idea. I've heard his CD myself and I, personally, thought it was cool It wasn't like the average CD. It wa a mixture between a hot music album and a soundtrack to a Broadway show.

But I really think Brandon has a lot of potential and is gonna go far in life. So, in order to help him get there, you can support him. The myspace page is .

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