Saturday, April 25, 2009

Khloe Kardashian!!!!

Khloe Kardashian! She's really cool and fly and looks madgood. It kinda frustrated me when she showed her low level of confidence on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She had this crazy idea that she was some huge manly beast, but she's definitely not. So I decided to blog about Khloe. =D

Oh, and Mendo's homegirl, Chelsea Lately, decided to make a few jokes about Khloe and the rest of her family. Lmfao

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

That Wadderwiddidough

Some Cool New People
These are some new friends I have acquired. These ppl are maddcool for real and I'm glad that I've met them. They all be shakin their tittys like milk while they drink wadderwiddidough. First is Lexi who is cool as ever. Even though she can be rude at times, its a cool kinda rude. She keeps shit 100 and doesnt bite her tongue. I guess she would since she is, after all, a 52 year old man. We stay geekin for real and throw hella packs. And her Grandma is the best. =D Then theres Mendo who is madcool as well. He can be rude too, but he's funny as shit. Although he's mexican, he doesnt steal and he goes to school, which is always a good thing. I'm gonna go visit him and Lexi in Florida after they move. Next is Tavi aka Grump. Grump is kinda deceiving though, because she isn't really that grumpy. However, she is rude. But she madflyy and cool. She's the main one who be shakin her tittys like milk but its all good. Then theres Elayne, the runt of the litter. People say she's thirsty, but I don't think she's that thirsty. she's really cool though and like mexican food like rice and noodles. Oh, and she has a crush on some gay dude... But thats it. They are super ko-wa-ee.

3 Words: I Love It

I'm soooo glad Scott put out another mixtape. Now I have more songs to listen to when I see him on tour. Haha. But the mixtape, of course, is killa. So if you haven't copped it, do that ASAP.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whoa: We Were Really Bored.... lmfao

Yooo. Mello and Tum Tum mad boredd for real.
Made some videos. We're just JOKING, so chill out.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cool Couple: Santi and Trouble

Even though Trouble has a super long face, these two are madcool together. They both make bomb music and are different. Guess thats what they have in common.
Santogold and Trouble Andrew

Mixtape Moment: Jacques Jams Vol 1: Endurance

If you have not downloaded this Mixtape yet, you are really slackin! Jacques Jams Vol 1: Endurance by Chester French has gotten my seal of approval. At frist I thought these guys were gonna be same lame, poser type people but I was too quick too judge.
The mixtape tells an interesting story that I won't tell you about. Just download it and find out what it's all about. And the thing is, it has soooooo many people on it. Solange, Wale, Cassie, Mickey Factz, Janelle Monae, and Commin are only a few of the many people on the mixtape. Although Kid Cudi is not on it, the mixtape is still hot. So download download download!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Scott does it again

The song is called I Poke Her Face and it's by Scott Mescudi, Common, and Kanye.
The song is madddope for real, and I've listened to it a bazillion and one times.
Listen and love it...

I Love This SHOW!!!

Taking the Stage! You've probably heard of it, and if you haven't you should hear about it. The show is really cool and it's about some talented kids at a talented school. They dance and rap and sing and stuff like that, but they're kids. It's weird that Nick Leche (hope i spelled it right) made the show.... But yeah, its cool

Melloz BACK!!!!!

i really need to stop with these random breaks. lol
but im back, for good.... but guess what!!!
I have realized that I'm not really happy with my life. I've done a lot of thinking lately and I've decided that I'm definitely gonna change that. Life is too short for me to be wasting time on things that I really don't want to do. Different things have made me realize that life can change at any time and even though it sounds cliche, I have to live every day like its my last. So from now on, I'm gonna do me. I'll still do good in school and all of that, but I'm gonna take my interests in mind when choosing what I want to do. That means I'm gonna pursue my music, film, and photography career. Basically, I'm gonna do all the things I want to do so at the end of EVERY day, I can say I had a good day. Haha