Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Katy & Travis...


So, these two have been going together for a while, but I didn't find out until about... a month ago.

Both of them are MADDIFFERENT, which is why they make a cool couple.

Their uniqueness clashes and makes them a unique but cool couple.

As Brooklyn would say, theyre a bomb ass couple. lol


Jay...Squared! said...

I agree
they r a bomb ass couple lol

Brooklyn<3 said...

They are Adorable!
You took the words Right out of my mouth, THEY ARE A BOMB ASS COUPLE :].
They're a prime example of a good relationship .

modern;; said...

this sadens me everytime i think about them.

but yea they're def a bomb ass couple

adena said...

they are both ugly as shit.


outsideTHEbox. said...

&& i thouqht i was tha only one who thinks they click; they are both vry random which is in a wud way. they seem very much in lubb(: he wrote about her inside their album on his Thank you's