Sunday, December 28, 2008

Theyre Just.... Live

So, earlier this year, I found out about this group called Just.Live, comprised of two artists, Beeph and Rock & Roll. Recently, they have agreed to answer a few of my questions, and I was actually surprised to see the level of individuality found in the group...

Just.Live is a mixture of all different music genres from all different coasts. They create a new, different sound called "Hip-Pop". It's funny because the only way I can really explain them is by using the word different. They say the hardest thing about being a new, upcoming group is that "everybody and they momma rap" lol. I definitely agree. It discourages me sometimes, but Imma keep doin me.

Along with their musical individuality, their style is not of the status-quo. Beeph and Rock & Roll's clothing choice is out of this world, but is pretty cool. Rock & Roll's hair is in a fade, but the top is dreaded. Even though it may seem weird, it fits the group's style and seems like the ideal haircut.

The first song I heard by the group was called "Im Phresh" which was really cool, but I have recently heard the song "So Ghetto". The video is below and you can buy some of their songs on iTunes.

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Ms.Fitch said...

wow everytime i look at your blogs i get so inspired..your like oprah...its amazing...i hope im not the only one feeling this way..but if i am its okay...cause then i have you all to