Monday, December 29, 2008

Shiloh Pepin: Mermaid Girl

So I was watching TLC and I found out about this little girl Shiloh Pepin. She was born with what is called "Mermaid Syndrome" and has only one leg. On the show, her parents contemplated on whether or not to give this 8 year old surgery and make her have 2 legs...
Shiloh didn't want to get her legs separated because, like any 8 year old, she was afraid. Her parents let her make the decision to not separate her legs.

I just want to applaud Shiloh, who is a very brave and courageous little girl. Despite the fact that she was born with one leg and has to go through A LOT more than other people do, she is still smiling and continues to move forward. Also, she is very intellectual, and speaks in a mature tone.

I also want to give recognition to her parents, who were faced with a lot of hard decisions. I'm glad they actually decided to try dialysis to keep her alive. the dialysis paid off, and Shiloh is still living now.

Here is a video of Shiloh and only a piece of her life...


India said...

OMG I saw that on TV
that little girl cracked me up she was the funniest little chick
she was like, "I want a boyfriend."

modern;; said...

she's so cool.

such a brave little girl with a pretty cool name, shiloh!

and ummmmm lol u were watchin tlc...why? idk, im more of a discovery health kinda kid. haha

Anonymous said...

I saw shiloh last night on discovery and I absolutely love her. What a personality! She has so much potential to do wonderful things with her unique circumstance. What a gall. All my prayers and good energy.

lemonCAKE09 said...

awwww how does she pee?
she do seem funny tho.
she like "im a freakin mermaid!"
yeah kidd.yu are.
but its cool.
like, she is brave as ish.
i bee like "mm mm. split these lookin like something from deep down under"
but im not tryn be mean. i'd just curk out. i think thats cool and courageous of her though like yu said. GO SILOH? WATS HER NAME AGAIN? well.wooh!

Mello Kidd said...

her name is shiloh, which sounds like a whale's name.... lmfao

Anonymous said...

What a selfish bitch her mother is in having her. That poor little, intellegent girl, what a lonely, painful life she will lead.
Its outragious her parents selfishness and fund raisers. I'm an organ donor - I would not have wished my kidney on her.Why extend what will be a tragic life once she's in her teens.
What a terrible life extending experiment she is. Its not right, its not fair.

Anonymous said...

This pretty much almost bought me to tears! What a brave lil girl:) Even thou she will have a tough life- it seems like alot of ppl support and love her and that will help her through the hard times- i dont think her mother did the wrong thing by giving birth to her at all, i believe even though her life will be hard at times- at least shes got a life to lead!

Thunder Theft said...

You can donate to her medical bills/health care by sending a check here:

Shiloh Pepin Benefit Fund
756 Roosevelt Trail
North Windham, ME 04062

Anonymous said...

omg me and my mom were watching tv and saw that little girl and she made us laugh so hard ithink she is just amasing and i would love to meet her some day i think she is just so strong

Sophie said...

She's so precious. Quick note, however: she wasn't born with one leg precisely; her leg were fused together.