Thursday, January 1, 2009

Your Eggo is Prego

Yupp ppls, her Eggo is Preggo... 31 year old M.I.A. is pregnant
But the thing is, she's still performing!!!! On stage, singin and
what not with an embryo in her stomach.... lol

Pete & Ashlee!!!
Pete Wentz & Ashlee Simpson already had their baby, Bronx.
That baby's name is hella ghetto. lol

Bristol Palin!!!
Haha, even though I highly dislike her mother, I wanted
to put little Bristol on here.... Everyone already knows
her eggo is preggo, I still put her on here. Her baby's
name is Tripp. What is with these babies and ghetto
names? lol.

Mariah Carey!!!
No matter how weird it might sound, her eggo may be preggo
and by Nick Cannon of course... On Elen, when she asked to
toast to "NOT BEING PREGNANT" she started giggling
and chuckling and acted like she was sipping.....
sounds kinda fishy....


Jay...Squared! said...

...Bronx tho,im from their, it was ghetto(imnotghetto), so that baby will be a hoodrat LOL!

Adena said...

m.i.a. has been pregnant for a while. you are lateee.

rofl one day on stage it's just gonna come on out.

lemonCAKE09 said...

1.mariah need to slow down. lil rapest! haha. i love her tho.
2.ummm bristol palin and ashlee need to stop with these ghetto ass names.
how thats gon sound?
"yea i was talkin to my homies bronx and tripp last nite"
lmao. taking a tripp to bronx and sht.

TEACHER: so wat did everybody do this weekend?

KEISHA: yeah i took tripp to bronx house.

TEACHER: did you take tripp to bronx's house or did yu take a trip to bronx house or did you take a tripp to a house in bronx???

like WTH!!! lmao