Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brniq & Brooklyn love Chromeo

So, I have been listening to Chromeo for... who knows how long. But its been YEARS. lol .Last month, I saw Chromeo on MTV (the TV stations that exposes some of my favorite artists) and it really upset me, but I don't think people really paid attention (thank God).

The conversations above were about Chromeo, and how cool they are. lol. Im sure that Brniq & Brooklyn would agree that Fancy Footwork & She's In Control were 2 albums that KILLED.

P-Thugg and Dave 1 create a unique blend of music, which I consider electronic and R&B, put in one. They are from Montreal (kinda weird?). Oh, and Recently, theyve come out with another album called FANCIER Footwork and its killa. LOL

And another thing, I really want a Chromeo T-Shirt, so somebody can hook me upp with that.


brniq..haha said...

haha...that brniq girl is totally a hottie. haha. anyways yea chromeo is bot as cool as freeze pops wit frost bite!!!

Mello Kidd said...

lmmfao, prolly crazy dough