Sunday, December 28, 2008

LOL, I Call BS

So, Soulja Boy made a video apologizing to parents for cussing and being a negative influence on his "large fanbase of kids who look up to him".

I call bull, but we'll see what happens. In the mean time, look at this. LMFAO


Brooklyn. said...

Thats awesome.
I hate him soo much.
If He was really sincere about
an apology , why would he put a clip of his video afterwards?
He is soo Lame.

modern;; said...

he was really like redundant; saying the same stuff over and over, idk i used to be a fan (not of his music)but he's starting to sound more and more...uneducated.

lol and yea i dont kno wat was up with that whole video clip at then end (im not gon lie tho im feelin that song)

oh and the 106 and drive, too funny.

lemonCAKE09 said...

so clearly he's full of it lol. but that video was funny. forget all that, i would do me. the whole "kids lookin up to me thing" he grown, if they wanna look up to somebody...look up to their parents like he said. all his ish gon be boring if he make everything 'children base'. my little sisters listen to him. they 8 and 11. they be aredd. sht, little cussin aint gon make them wana shoot somebody or nothin lol