Sunday, January 25, 2009


The day I have feared since the beginning of 2008 when only "Day-N-Night" was on iTunes is swiftly approaching: the day Kid Cudi becomes famous...

It's really blowin me because I kno all of these random clown people will go around singin the songs and stuff, thinking theyre new when actually they have been out since forever! When everybody was claiming Weezy, Gucci, and all of them as their favorite rappers I was sayinn Kid Cudi was mine. lol. I knew the day was gonna come as soon as I heard Kid Cudi, but I KNEW he was gonna become mainstream when I saw that he was featured on Kanye West's new album. I blame Kanye West!

I mean, I'm happy for Scott Mescudi and all but I don't want him to become mainstream. He even has a music video now which I HOPE AND PRAY IS NOT ON MTV... MTV is the root to all evil when it comes to making artists become famous.

But yeah, thats the end of my rant really. Just remember, when you hear about Kid Cudi, I heard about him first. haha.

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Jay...Squared! said...

i HATE when this shit happens. like with MIA and friggin everyone else under the sun. everyone singing it and hoppin on cause it sounds nice and never really understanding the full effect. ughhhhhhh. but idk, congrats to cudi. he deserves the recognition. let's just pray rob roy doesn't go mainstream.