Saturday, January 17, 2009

mello has been slackin'... my fault

Aredd, so as you probably have noticed, I havent made a post in mad long. Since january 1 i think...

The thing is, i have been MADBUSY lately. My life has been mad dynamic, and is still changing. Real talk, ive been goin through so much shit since 09 has started and its really blowin me. Of course i have to deal with the normal stuff like keepin my grades up, looking at colleges, taking the SATs, gettn a job license, after school activities, girls, friends, and ALL the other stuff that comes with being a kid in America who wants something in life...

But ON TOP OF ALL that ive recently had to deam with some deaths in my family, making life even harder to cope with. Missing school for funerals has made school a lot harder and given me a huge workload... Therefore I havnent really had any time for anything extra lately, including making music, chillen wit friends, blogging, or even sleeping. I'm actually blogging on my phone right now. LOL

So I'm saying all of this to say, I havent dropped off the face of the earth or forgotten about my friends or readers or w/e. And to my friends who read this, I'm sorry i havent been active in our friendship lately but hopefully you'll understand why. Butbim working it out and I'll be back in no time... And to anyone I've been mean too, my fault. Haha. Aredd yo.


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