Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baldwin Hills Season 3!

Yupp, thats right. Baldwin Hills Season 3 started today and it's been on for about 20 minutes. Although it might seem boring or stupid or whatever, it's actually a bomb show. It makes me wanna live in LA even more. It makes me wanna leave Baltimore even MORE MORE. lol This show just shows how life outside of Baltimore and the east coast is.

Oh, and remember Moesha's step-mother, Dee (Shery Lee Ralph)? Well her son is on the show. His name is Etienne, and he was begging to go to a party on the first episode.

It was like madweird because they made some dumb deal. He could go to this party but only if he agreed to be punished for the next two months. WTF type stuff is that?! That is crazy! A party in exchange for 2 months of punishment? Dee is like madstrict. lol

But she still seems like a cool mother for real...

Oh, and I really wanna live in LA now and chill with the cast of Baldwin Hills. When I visited there, it was madcool. We went to a "kickback" lol and chilled at this little bonfire thingy. And nobody was fighting or anything like that. OH YEAH! AND I went to the mall in Baldwin hills which was madcrappy and dirty. They didn't have any cool stores in there and it was immigrants EVERYWHERE. lmfao.

But the show is cool or whatever, so be sure to watch it! Plus, Seiko is on there. lol


The Infamous Brooklyn. said...

Dont hate on the mexicans :].
sike nahh , I watched some of it ,[baldwin hills]& it seems like an okay show .
& seiko is madd hot lmao.
ly ,

Chronic.Sunchild said...

yo i remember when we went to baldwin hills. the best part about it was the cinnamon sticks from aunty annes and they had walmart as one of there department stores like wtf. lmfao

modern;; said...

yea i watched it last night

there are new people every season and a couple of the old ones tend to stay [like seiko and justin are back frm season 2] but moriah, gerren, and staci jus wont leave!! 3 seasons!

idk i think this season might be alright tho everybody is hookin up wit eachother. the whole show seems pretty rehearsed tho, it doesnt feel real like the first season did.

and i wanna go to baldwin hills!! lol

Sean Garrette Lundy said...

yeah it was ight but it seem heela fake now
like the rehesal and shit.