Saturday, March 14, 2009

They bitin madhard....

Ok, so this my homie g slice, the girl who does kittens inspired by kittens. If you havent seen it (and youve been living under a rock) here it is. My favorite parts are...

"I'm her mom..."
"No!... shes not...."

"I want pie"
"I want beef jerky!"

"Ahh.... Ahhh.... AHHHHHH!"

Ok, so that was great right? BUT, its just not as funny when its dont by a 30 year old depressed weird guy.... funny, but not that funny...

"I'm blogging"

"I sell oatmeal"

"I have a little stain on my face... I have a big stain on my face"

Oh, and here's another jock. lol


1 comment:

Brooklyn. said...

tooo funny,
but the only thing funny/annoying about the last video is the constant screaming