Monday, February 9, 2009

Whoop That Trick

Ok, so there are so many rumors going around about reasons why Chris Brown and Rihanna were not at the Grammys. Ive heard that....
1. Chris Brown beat up Rihanna so now they have to stay home.
2. The two got into a car accident and are furred to the third.
3. They were in an argument so got out the car and were fighting in the street so got hit by a car
4. Chris Brown Killed Rihanna's grandma and is not on the run
5. and a lot of other weird reasons
WELL, I'm sorry to tell you people but all of these are lies or exaggerated. Chris Brown did, in fact, beat up a lady, but nobodys sure if her name was Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Whoever he beat up is hurt and he is charged for battery, assault, and all of that other good stuff. I don't think he beat up Rihanna but the LA Times says it is her...
All I wanna know is WTF WAS HE THINKING!?
lol, its madfunny. but stupid

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