Saturday, February 7, 2009

White Boy Can't Jump

So, as you already know, music is my thing. So I decided to do something a little different and feature some white artists on my blog. These dudes here are definitely underdogs in the music industry but their music is killa!


Asher Roth is by far one of the best rappers out there and he's white. People give Eminem props and talk about how his shit is so hot. But nah, Asher Roth is wayy better. And the thing is, he doesn't try to be a tough guy, he just does what he does. So if yeent noe, google him. lol


So, these two guys kill too. Although they aren't really "rappers" their music is definitely tough. I was kida upset when I heard them on the radio. They did a remix to some Kanye song, i don't know. But yeah, check these guys out too


Then there's Colin Munroe. He doesn't rap either but he sings. I first heard his Flashing Lights remake like mad long ago, and I been downloading his music ever since. Google him too, because he's cool. Can't you tell? Just look at his picture.

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